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39% 155 votes
61% 243 votes
398 people voted
I've decluttered and feel great! 156 votes

I've decluttered and feel great!
I haven't decluttered yet but will soon 88 votes

I haven't decluttered yet but will soon
I don't have that many unnecessary possessions 70 votes

I don't have that many unnecessary possessions
I tried minimalism but it's not for me 15 votes

I tried minimalism but it's not for me
I find it hard to get rid of things that I no longer need 55 votes

I find it hard to get rid of things that I no longer need
Other, please comment 14 votes

Other, please comment
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  I'm not in a position to declutter, because a part of the minimalism idea is that you can always buy something if you really need it. I am not in that position. If I throw out something which is useful, and then I need it 6 months later, I am essentially screwed. I can't afford a replacement. I also can't afford fancy storage solutions and matching Scandinavian minimalist furniture. There's a reason people consider minimalism to be a trend for the wealthy. The aesthetic looks great in a modern home with no kids and no essentials like cookware, because you can always get take out or eat out! If you have to shop on a budget, deal with children, cook your own meals, do your own laundry etc, then by default you cannot embrace minimalism as a trend. Getting rid of extra towels, a stock pot, and chipped plates now could end up a minor crisis a month from now.


  I declutter regularly but I am by no means a minimalist! I love all my things, and as soon as something doesn't spark joy any more it is sent off to an op shop. I still have a lot of possessions but I don't really have trouble getting rid of lots of things at a time.


  I am in the process, albeit slowly, of disposing of belongings I no longer need.


  I would find dumping possessions I value, a lot MORE stressful. And I wish people would stop trying to push some so-called minimalist system on others.

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