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  1 month ago

Who should be the next James Bond?

Idris Elba was a popular choice for the next James Bond, but it isn't to be.

However, he is in talks with the producers to play a villain.

Would you have liked to have seen Idris Elba as 007?

Or will he be more memorable as James Bond's nemesis?

Who was your favourite James Bond?

Who was the best villain?

Who did you like best out of the Bond Girls?

Which Bond films did you like best?

Who would you like to see as the new James Bond?


  1 month ago
Yes. Idris Elba would have been a good choice and it would have 'pleased' the 'inclusivity brigade' too very well. But I guess he's a bit old for Bond. But he's really one actor I think would have suited the role perfectly. Henry Cavill is good choice too but he's already Superman! LOL! And when it comes to Bond girls, I like Jane Seymore the best. And there are so many that I like...but I like 'Spy who loved me' very much and all Bond movies with Sean Connery as Bond! :] Reply


  1 month ago
I don't like the old Bond movies so much as it was so sexist and embarrassing as a girl to watch him sleazing all over different women. BUT now I like the more recent 007's, a posh accent doesn't hurt. The music is great!! Reply


  1 month ago
He would be quite cool. But as a bad guy very interesting. Reply


  1 month ago
In order, I'd prefer Elba as a villain. Anyone but Connery would be my preferred Bond, I liked Blofield as villain, Diana Rigg as Bond Girl, Favourite movie was On Her Majesty's Service, and new Bond? What about someone younger, not in his fifties, forties, or even thirties. Pick a young Bond, someone in his late 20s, he'll have had time to gather some experience, be old enough to look the part, but - if he turns out to be good, we can see him as Bond for a long time in a dozen movies. Reply

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