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  1 month ago

Few real bargains in Black Friday sale

New Zealand consumer observers are saying that:

* 1 in 5 products listed in the Black Friday sales was increased by 7%, compared to last year.

* Over 1 in 10 products offered a fake sale.

* Prices of goods were hiked ahead of sale day to make the Black Friday discount look better than it was.

The bigger 'Black Friday' is becoming, they say, the more fake prices and fake sales are being offered to kiwi shoppers.

My inbox has been flooded with Black Sale emails from companies l subscribe to. What about you?

Do you think you get an actual bargain in the Black Friday sales?

Do you shop in the Black Friday sakes, or don't you bother?


  1 month ago
Lol I wrote a topic about this last week!...I have managed to score one good bargain which was 50% off make up I use not that I wear much these days lol. Reply


  1 month ago
I may buy books at this. But first I'll look up the other two book stores I buy from and see. This year I'd run into a new possible author, and they're going for more at both the other stores, so I bought here and did nicely. Not a HUGE saving, but an average of $5 a book cheaper including delivery. Reply


  1 month ago
Waited nearly a month for the Black Friday sale - thinking that with my luck, if I purchased something a little before, it would end up on sale after. Well, so much for that. It wasn't on sale, & now I have waited for no reason. Have never bothered with it in the past & I don't think I will be bothering in the future. Retailers here especially don't have worthwhile sales a lot of times. Briscoes are famous for their over inflated prices so they can have bigger discounts when items are on sale. You would have to be nuts to pay their normal prices. Thanks, but no thanks. Reply


  1 month ago
"Black Friday" like Halloween and Valentine's Day is just another American-style conjob by retailers to relieve you of your last few dollars. Don't be taken in by it! Reply

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