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  1 month ago

have you ever received vicious/obscene comments on media?

Some countries are tightening their laws on this. I just wonder why people get them. I don't. This could be because the 240 or so on my Facebook site are personal friends/acquaintances, AND most too are adults and may tend because of it to be less inclined to behave that way. However I was following a discussion on a friend's FB page the other day and was stunned to see a really obscene and disgusting comment someone left. Wondering who they were, I clicked over to their site and find they are probably phony. Pretty much all they had - and I went back months - was a reiteration of the cover photo with slight variations. So, someone who may get their kicks out of logging on to random sites, and saying that sort of thing? However, have you ever received obscene or disgusting comments, have you known the person, what media was it (FB, twitter, instagram...?) what did you do about it, and did you look at THEIR site if you didn't know them to see if you could figure out why someone unknown was targeting you?


  1 month ago
I'm spitting tacks too, had a friend on the phone who got attacked. It's plain silly, but she had a doll's straw hat, and for fun she put it on her cat and put that up. She got a couple of nasty comments about 'abusing' her cat.Her cat is elderly and very placid. She balanced the hat on Michi for a minute and the cat didn't even blink. How is that abuse? Now she's upset and worrying she upset Michi. I told her to wipe the comments and take the photo down. That should stop that happening again, but I'm starting to think it would be a good idea if either all social media collapsed, or we shot people who make vicious comments.. Reply


  1 month ago
Lets just say I have had some interesting messages sent to me on FB..good thing you can block them! Reply


  1 month ago
No. First of all I do not have a FB, Twitter or an Instagram page. But I wouldn't give it much thought as such people or their comments aren't worth that. Reply

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