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  1 month ago

Would you have asked this?

If you or someone in your family was in an Inter-racial marriage, and a child was on its way, I bet there wouldn't be one person, on either side of the family, wondering - silently or aloud - as to what that tiny little baby would look like.

Prince Charles has been `outed' as the person who commented on Prince Harry and Meghan's baby's appearance.

Apparently, Charles, upon learning of his son's engagement to Meghan Markle, mused to Camilla: "I wonder what the children will look like?"

Camilla is said to have replied: "Well, absolutely gorgeous, I'm certain."

Charles clarifies: "I mean, what do you think their children's complexion might be?"

Personally, I don't think these comments were derogatory, like the Oprah interview and world media made them out to be.

To be honest, I thought something similar, when Prince William was born. I said "I hope he doesn't have jug ears like his dad!"

What's the difference?

My family is made up of several different races, but each child - comments being made about what they may look like included - are treasured by us all.

No doubt it's the same in the Windsor household.

I dare anyone - hand on heart, hand on Bible - say they haven't considered what a baby may look like if a parent was a different skin colour, had bucked teeth, big ears or a large nose.

Your thoughts?


  1 month ago
the REALLY interesting part of the book's author's claim is that it was supposedly from an over-breakfast-discussion by Charles and Camilla. So just HOW did he hear about this. A servant? But would any be that stupid. There would never be any guarantee the book's writer wouldn't out them, and they'd lose their job. As they sign confidentiality contracts they could be sued for everything, and no potential employer would ever hire them - as against what? A couple of thousand? I'm wondering id this claim wasn't a complete lie from the start. Reply


  1 month ago
I see where this royal 'conversation' has been 'leaked' to a new author, who has just released a book.
Prince Charles has said it is fiction.
Even if it isn't, there is nothing wrong with what was said, and isn't racist.


  1 month ago
exactly. WHY is it 'racist' to wonder if they'll be darker-skinned? People see patterns, they extrapolate, they assume. It doesn't mean any of it is 'racist 'rather that just someone wondering aloud. which parent and which parental trait they'll take after.. Reply

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