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  1 month ago

Courier drivings not doing their job

I purchased four items, online, from a large department store.

The disclaimer on the site said that due to heavy demand, NZ Post was not able to uplift parcels immediately from the store, and NZ Post were taking up to 15 days to deliver parcels (and to ignore the 2-3 day delivery times shown).

On Saturday, a sibling noticed a van across our driveway, and went to have a look. The van drove off. It was then that my sibling realised it was a NZ Courier Post van and that a small parcel had been left, leaning against the glass of the ranch slider.

My phone then `dinged' to say I'd received an email notification. It was from NZ Post to say that my contactless parcel delivery was complete.

When I looked into the email it said I had signed for the parcel. It showed my name (which was spelt incorrectly).

It was a total lie because no-one in the house signed for, or even spoke to the NZ Courier Post driver. And had anyone signed for it, they'd have spelt their name right!

The small parcel which was left was only part of my order, so I had to wait until today, Monday, before I could contact the department store about my part order - as neither the department store or NZ Post were open for enquiries on the weekend.

The department store staff member was not impressed that NZ Post had issued a PDF receipt saying that I had signed for the parcel.

They have now located the second part of my order (at the NZ Courier Post depot) and have confirmed that it is in the system.

The department store staff insisted that I email their department store (giving me the email address I needed to report the incident), as the order clearly showed that I had paid the extra to sign for the parcel.

I'm now waiting for the second parcel, but wonder if someone will have to stay home, in case the NZ Courier Post van just drops off the parcel, in a very conspicuous place (roadside ranch slider) then reports that I signed for it.

If someone nicks the parcel, I'll not be able to claim because it will be my word against the NZ Courier Post's electronic machine stating I had signed for it.

Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?

Your comments?


  1 month ago
Happens all the time and it's actually not entirely the couriers fault but the business you buy from.I waited nearly 2 weeks to receive a parcel(edible flowers for decorating cakes etc) which I purchased from grab one.This business is a NZ business and stated shipment and delivery would be within 8 days LOL!!!...I made a purchase from Thin Lizzy here in NZ also and it was dispatched within a day and delivered within 2. Reply


  1 month ago
The problem that you shared about happened to me umpteen times. Most times no one from our household would have signed but then the text message or email or tracking info says signed by so and so and delivered. It's frustrating. Last year sometime around November I had lodged a complaint and then I asked to speak with the manager. They said I should wait for a few days and then he would get back to me. But it's already a year and still I'm waiting. Courier services have gone really bad. Reply


  1 month ago
Very similar with purchases from Might Ape - click on Signature Required, as always, & I am yet to sign for a delivery, even though I have had 30 deliveries made to me here in the past 8 months. Signed by, then incorrect name or spelling, is very annoying & I have complained to Mighty Ape so many time I have now given up. They are not interested. NZ Post obviously don't care, so as far as I am concerned, I hold Mighty Ape responsible if anything gones wrong. They contract to NZ Post. My contract is with Mighty Ape, so if I have any problems, they will be who I will be taking aim at. Reply


  1 month ago
I have no problems with anything arriving HERE. Courier parcels are left at our local dairy, picked up by Rural Delivery and arrive where they should be. Small parcel fit in mt large mailbox, and anyone opening that who isn't known will have the geese announcing it to the world. Large parcels are brought down the lawn and left behind the water tank - where it's even less safe for would-be thieves to come looking for them. So I'm fine. On the other hand despite everything I've been able to do for YEARS, they insist on dumping gifts to my sister in Auckland, on her doorstep where anyone walking down the street can see and steal them - and on a number of occasions have done so. AND most of the time they won't reimburse for that either. Reply

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