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  1 month ago

Is Covid-19 breaking up relationships?

An inlaw has thrown her 19 year old daughter out of the house because she refuses to get vaccinated.

The whole family has been jabbed, except for this one daughter.

Also, a friend's son has banned his own father from his wedding, in December, because he refuses to get vaccinsted.

Only jabbed people, with proof of two jabs, are being invited to his wedding.

One of my friends isn't talking to me, at the moment, because of the same thing. She refuses to get jabbed

You see, me and three other friends meet up, weekly, for lunch, at a local cafe.

I volunteered, on behalf of the others, to ask our friend if she was going to get jabbed because the others weren't comfortable dining out with an unvaccinated person.

I was very polite when l chatted with her, about the situation. She seemed to take it on board. Now, however, she's not talking to any of us - after 20+ years of friendship.

In all these instances, all three unvaccinated people could not see the other person's reason for wanting only vaccinated people around them.

Have you encountered anything like this?

Is, or will, not being vaccinated cause a problem amongst your family and friends?

Your thoughts on not being vaccinated?


  30 days ago
No, I've never encountered such a problem. But if I do then I don't think I'll be able to break off relationships or friendships just for this reason. Reply


  30 days ago
I have some family, friends and acquaintances who are either on the fence, or simply won't get jabbed.
I can't do anything about others decisions, but my friends and the family that l have who are vulnerable, due to health issues, l will always protect.
If unvaccinated friends can't comprehend the possible harm they may do to me and mine, l can't help that.


  30 days ago
I have one son aged 24,he doesn't live with me but he refusing to get vaccinated even though like me and his younger brother he has autoimmune conditions but I am not going to turn my son away because he is my son and I love him unconditionally as any parent should love their children.I don't agree with his choice and I have tried to talk about it with him but at the end of the day I can't force him in to getting the job.His older brother who is 27 and their younger brother who is 20 have both had 1 dose but they can't even change his mind. Reply


  1 month ago
Hope it does not hoping things can go well has up and down I hope not to get covid stay strong everyone Reply


  1 month ago
My GF refuses to get vaxxed(fully antivaxxer)..we argued the point many times til we agreed to disagree and leave it at that..I am immune compromised so really worry at times..she goes nowhere though so the risk is low enough not to keep going on about it...The 2nd anniversary(this time around) is looking shakey though Reply


  1 month ago
I would like to raise a couple of points, if I may ? If, as we are being told, both vaccinated & unvaccinated people can catch & spread the virus, then what is the harm if people from both these groups mingle ? The unvaccinated person has supposedly more chance of becoming seriously ill if they catch covid, but that would make them more likely to avoid any contact with people who might infect them. The vaccinated people, as far as I can tell, have nothing more to fear from meeting a vaccinated person as an unvaccinated person. Where is the connection coming from that, unvaccinated people are more likely to catch the virus & spread it to vaccinated people, than say, the other way around ? Something is not adding up with what people are being told/they believe & what is true. The vaccine is to protect yourself, just like wearing a seat-belt or steel toed shoes. But some seem to be treating it like a shield that is constantly under attack by the unvaccinated members of society. The major thing I see that is under attack at the moment is our freedom. It is not a case of, if you are not with us then you are against us. That is what politicians are trying to convince us of. While there are still a few brain cells alive out there, we need to start using them to see that covid & what the governments around the world are inflicting on their people are the true enemies of us all. Once we turn on each other, we have pretty much lost the war. Game over over. Reply


  1 month ago
Forcing or demanding someone to get jabbed is beyond sick & discusting! I will never hate someone for having freedom. Reply


  1 month ago
The only person I know who is unvaxxed is a good friend's 30 year old son. I'm leaving it alone, he just won';t be entering the house. Reply


  1 month ago
My wife is wanting to wait a bit to see what happens, I have got myself and our 2 over 12yr old's vaccinated much to her disapproval. I don't think I would go as far as kicking some one out of the house over it. For the anti vaccine people, don't get jabbed, get the virous and die. Cool. Reply

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