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  1 month ago

Why the shock?

An English born celebrity, Alexandra Scott, appeared on, and traced her family history back through the popular ancestry television programme, `Who Do You Think You Are?'

She was `shocked' to learn about the Jewish ancestors on her mother's side and there were Jamaican ancestors on her father's side.

Alexandra was `shocked' that there were Jamaican's on her father's side? Really? If I had her likeness it would have given me a big hint.

I can't see why she was shocked - unless her family never spoke about their relatives, ever. No-one comes from a pure bloodline.

She may have been born in England, but I'd be surprised that she was ignorant of the fact that some of her lineage came from other countries.

Alexandra Scott was `horrified' to learn that her great, great, great, great grandfather, lived with, and fathered two children, to a Jamaican slave that he owned at one stage.

Why? This couple lived together for a lifetime. They must have loved each other for them to stay together, until they died.

On top of that, she was `dismayed' to discovered that some of her Jamaican family members owned slaves too.

I would say that this is what has shocked her the most. That it was not only white people who owned slaves.

British celebrity chef, Ainsley Harriott, also of Jamaican decent, appeared on this show once, and he discovered he had a similar background.

At the end of the episode he appeared in, Ainsley Harriott was in tears to learn he had white people in his family. Tears of horror or tears of joy? Only he knows, I guess.

Ainsley, too, discovered that some of his Jamaican family were slave owners as well.

Both these English celebrities, both of Jamaican descent, thought that their ancestors would have been enslaved, never imagining they could have been slave owners.

Why would the likes of Alexandra Scott and Ainsley Harriott automatically assume that they were from slaves families? Just because they weren't born white?

Have they just believed what they have read, or were they bought up in an environment that taught them that only white people did terrible things?

Maybe these two celebrities have publicly come out with their shock-horror discoveries because they are afraid they would be `cancelled' by social media, for having come from a line of plantation and slave owners? Who knows?

The times we live in, eh? Everyone seems to think the worst of people, when, in truth, we are all of the same race - the human race.

Any thoughts?


  1 month ago
I think that many people would be in tears if they discovered that their ancestors were slave owners no matter what colour their skin was. Reply


  1 month ago
I'd agree with all of that. Reply

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