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  1 month ago

A day for everything!

Have you noticed there seems to be a day for everything?
Like the other day it was National nude gardening day (no I did not participate but I know someone that did) and then there was National Pumpkin day and the time before was National nut day I have also seen a National/world day for cats/dogs and of course not forgetting International Woman's day.

Did you know in the US they have National fruit cake throwing day which seems a waste to me because are you not supposed to eat this instead of tossing it?
Well as it turns out you are not actually doing any throwing of sorts it is just a term they use when passing the fruitcake from one person to the next and the person who is holding the fruitcake must store it away until next Christmas season (so glad I don't like Fruitcake)

Here's a fun one where you can relive your childhood it's National Step in a Puddle and Splash your Friend Day!
Yes that's right you can throw on your gummies (or wear shoes) find your nearest puddle and take aim at your target which is your buddy or maybe even your partner then jump with mighty force until they are soaked!
Also a great way to release pent up tension between the both of you.

I Like this one International Talk like a Pirate Day
''Aye Matey"...Hello my friend
"Ahoy me hearties"...Hello friends
"Aaaaaarghhhh"..Grumbling or disgust
"All hand hoy"..Everyone get on deck

Some weird and rather odd days include the following....
Take your Houseplants for a Walk Day (not sure my houseplants would like that)
Crackers Overs The Keyboard Day ( I do this most days)
Bathtub Party Day ( hmmmmm interesting,the mind boggles!)
Dance Like a Chicken Day ( yeah I think I will pass on this)
Lost Sock Memorial Day ( I never lose my socks)

Do you participate in any National/World days?
I'm interested to know your thoughts


  1 month ago
No. Most of them are not even relevant I feel. Reply


  1 month ago
I don't participate in any of those, no time, and less inclination. Reply

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