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  1 month ago

Our Government Coup - what next?

Well, l doubt anyone is surprised - but they should be angry.

The government has disregarded everything anyone has said about the 'Three Water Reforms' matter.

Despite spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, trying to sell this idea to the public and councils - to no avail - the government is set to force through its 'Three Waters Reform' legislation - overriding our councils, overriding us, the owners of our local water infrastructure.

The majority of councils are against this plan. They have said "No" to the government.

So the government is doing a U-turn on a previous promise to make these reforms voluntary for councils to join up to the 'Three Waters Amalgamation Plan'.

The government offered councils $2.5Billion if they joined the government scheme - the councils still said "No".

If they have $2.5Billion to spare, why don't the government simply loan the councils the money to upgrade?

Why the need to snatch, grab, take or legislate, as the government prefers to call it, our water?

People don't want this, councils don't want this, but the government has its own agenda. They don't care about our opinion.

One of the outspoken mayors, who is very vocal against these reforms, is
Christchurch's Mayor, Lianne Dalzeil. She was a Labour MP for over 20 years.

She has come out and said that Government Minister, Nanaia Mahuta, should resign - and Mayor Dalzeil is a died-in-the-wool Labourite, so it's not a political stance.

Ex-Labour Leader and now Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff is against these government reforms too.

So, political party allegiance aside, these, and the majority of other mayors around New Zealand, think this move is bad.

But hey! You and me? We only live in the country and cough up money. What do we know?

These reforms are to be up and running by 1 July 2024, so the water clock is ticking.

And, obviously, Labour thinks they'll be running the country after the next election too - that's if they give us an election.

I mean, playing 'devil's advocate' here ... if they can forcibly take our water why not an election?

Your thoughts?


  1 month ago
We need a sharp short election to vote them out or we will all be screwed by this Govt. Reply


  1 month ago
Oh Dictatorship and this is very, very scary. I do not trust them one bit. I can see why the young ones are up and arms about their rights being taken away. I think it might be time to protest. Reply


  1 month ago
not happy with this, they MAY be right, but I'm not comfortable with the over-riding of most of the country. Reply


  1 month ago
Typical of this Jahitler led communist disgrace of a Govt..They only listen to themselves and dont care about anybody unless they are a refugee or of colour..Time to kick these assholes out. Reply

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