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  2 months ago

Do you think all Australian states and territories should reallocate their Pfizer vaccines to Sydney to help combat their growing wave of Covid cases?

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian wants other states to let Sydney have their Pfizer COVID vaccines, and NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard is ‘disturbed’ by other states’ reaction to this request.

He has blasted the rest of the nation for not immediately sending Pfizer vaccine supplies to Sydney as the state plunges deeper into a Covid crisis.

Shortly after announcing 163 new cases on Saturday, Mr Hazzard said he was disturbed by how other leaders had responded to the state’s plea for help on Friday.

“I want to remind those other states and territories that last time I looked, we were a Commonwealth, we worked together,” he said.

What are your thoughts on this. Do you think all Australian states and territories should reallocate their Pfizer vaccines to Sydney to help combat their growing wave of Covid cases?


  2 months ago
I think they needm to use more astra Reply


  2 months ago
She can have AstraZeneca as it is made in Australia I have had it no problems Reply


  2 months ago
She is welcome to our AstraZeneca supply....I'll wait for Pfizer.....Bendigo Health threw out 500 AZ vaccines a few weeks ago because they had expired.....I don't know if it has a short shelf life or quality control forgot to rotate their stocks.... Reply


  2 months ago
Gladys can go jump - Victorians did it with limited vaccines and she was no help then so why should or would anyone help her now? Other states need those vaccines as much as she does. I wouldn't lift a finger to help her right now Reply


  2 months ago
Yes Reply


  2 months ago
" We're all in this together " has become " Every one for themselves " - my faith in ( the lack of ) human nature remains in tact. NTW hats off to our Federal & this states government for engendering that spirit in the citizens of the nation Reply


  2 months ago
Morrison has stuffed up badly with his ordering of the Pfizer vaccine and people don't really want AZ so each state is hanging on to its Pfizer. Australia is one country and since I came here from the UK 39 years ago it has always amazed me at the sometimes very fierce competition between the states (footy excluded as this is natural) and now there is severe antagonism. It feels dreadful to me. The feds should have taken greater control over all this, including quarantine. Reply


  2 months ago
I've never felt so un-Australian in all my life... ;,,-( Reply


  2 months ago
I'll give the same one word answer Gladys gave last year when Victoria was in the midst of it's third wave and she was asked if she would allocate her state's vaccines to help Victoria out. "No".
I blame Scott Morrisson for letting the Delta variant into Australia by allowing planes into our country from countries riddles with the virus, ie. India.
I also blame Gladys for letting this outbreak get out of control for stubbornly trying to prove a point that she can handle outbreaks without lockdowns. I also don't think her current lockdown is strong enough to slow the spread and agree with Dan that a ring of steel is needed.
And why Pfizer?? I don't hear her calling for additional shots of AstraZeneca.
While I'm playing the blame game, I also blame SloMo for not ordering enough of Pfizer to vaccinate us all with.
The "we're all in this together" theory went out the window last year. As sad as it is, I think each state is in it for themselves now. We all need to be vaccinated. We all need to live restrictedly until it is safe for us to do so otherwise. We are all in this position because Scotty didn't count the number of people he has living in his country and order enough for everyone.


  2 months ago
I wonder if Gladys would give hers up? Reply

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