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  2 months ago

Two steps backwards and one step forward?

An article on Stuff says that New Zealand is now at the bottom of the OECD for vaccination rates.

Just half a million kiwis are fully immunised

A third of border workers have not had both jabs – a deadline that was supposed to have been reached last month.

Despite being twice at-risk from the virus, Māori and Pasifika vaccination rates are between 20%-40% behind Pākehā per capita.

Confusion continues over Group 3 vaccinations, with very few of this group having been vaccinated - despite Group 4 roll-out, supposedly about to start.

Why, If the government has a plan, like we are being told on a daily basis by Minister Hipkins and Dr Bloomfoeld, isn't it being followed to the letter and progress being made?

The article suggests their statements are differing from the actual facts and statistics. Why is this?

Kiwis are known for their '#8 Wire mentality', so what ideas can we come up with, that will see people in our community being vaccinated - whether they are in a populated city or country town?

Any ideas?


  2 months ago
There is a lot of push by media that sounds like propaganda. There isn't a lot of balance in news reporting which is worrying. The constant complaining over the vax when there is no evidence yet of long-term gain is silly. It causes people to feel anxious and they don't need to if they step back and just look at NZ. Vax rates are especially not very relevant to us as we have not got any cases except people coming in by plane. There are no deaths for months and not hoards of people hospitalised every day. The news ignores the NZ picture just repeats dramatic stats from overseas which can't be proven easily. There are interview with so-called experts who will gain financially if they implement this. We have not got community transmission or covid still killing people here. We possibly already have herd immunity so we must keep it in perspective. Reply


  2 months ago
You are all afraid of a virus that's been around long enough that 99.7% of us are immune to it. You don't recover from a virus your body doesn't have antibodies to, those are basic science facts. Your body has to create antibodies to fight off viruses & bacteria. Why would 99.7% of us recover from this without a vaccine? Because we're already immune. This isn't conspiracy, the governments of the world are not even hiding the fact that we're 99.7% immune. There's no need to vaccinate. Reply


  2 months ago
my question for a lot of this would be, are those supposed to get vaccinated actually turning up? It's hard to vaccinate those who are absent. Reply


  2 months ago
Get rid of this labour govt,that would be a damn fine start...the sxxt is about to hit the fan here because of their lax attitude towards this chinavirus and procteting this country from it.Any more deaths can be squarely blamed on wankcinda and her band of merry fxxkwits. Reply

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