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  2 months ago

Next year - the year of outbreaks?

Waikato DHB Medical Officer of Health, Richard Hoskins, suggests New Zealand’s next Covid hurdle could be a year of outbreaks as border restrictions ease.

He suggested this when asked about the scenario that, vaccination rates are unlikely to reach herd or population immunity levels.

He said '2020 was the year of Covid and 2021 is the year of vaccination' are gross over-simplifications, but believed 2022 onwards is going to be the year of outbreaks in New Zealand.

Recent data suggests New Zealand won’t be able to vaccinate enough people to achieve herd immunity – a point at which enough people are immune to the virus to stop it circulating

In the UK, their government are about to lift their country's lockdown. Their government are now citing there will be another surge in high levels of infection and deaths. They are now telling their population it is down to 'personal responsibility' (hygeine, masks, social distancing etc).

So is 2022 going to be the year of outbreaks in New Zealand?

Will it be down to our personal responsibility, and efforts on the authorities to try to keep infections down to small clusters - or will be be a full-on outbreak, if infectious cases come across the border, when we open them up more?

Any thoughts?


  2 months ago
I don’t think that will be the case. Jacinda Ardern has been very diligent on responding quickly to outbreaks and acting accordingly to keep public transmission low Reply


  2 months ago
I think with all the measures in place and with the public fully cooperating, still NZ will still see Covid19 cases next year in the community when the border opens up, until MIQs become the new normal, which again is not a practical or feasible means of keeping Covid19 at bay forever. Reply


  2 months ago
It's worrying. The U.K seems to be accepting of high numbers of hospitalizations which is something New Zealand can't afford to do as it would quickly overwhelm our health system. I don't think Labour will go down this track and will take a more cautious approach. People do need to take responsibility for getting themselves vaccinated as soon as possible though. My husband and I have had both our jabs and only had minor side affects so am very happy about that. Reply


  2 months ago
I can't understand why anyone would not get vaccinated when they become eligible. Myself and Wife have confirmed dates for getting doses 1 and 2. Reply


  2 months ago
personal responsibility - which is why I'll be getting vax 2 in 16 days. Reply

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