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  5 months ago

should we be forever defined by the worst/most stupid things we've ever said?

we've all seen woke culture landing on people for something dumb they said/wrote years ago. In some cases this has been applied to someone who wrote as a teenager or who was hugely influenced by family or some unhappy event. As a species we tend to generalize. If I am attacked by a black man I am likely to go on social media and generalize. If I visit family in Fiji and have my purse stolen by a white woman, again I may well generalize. But if, because of some powerful factor I do so when I am a bitterly upset child, should that be held against me until I die at 90? I'm finding it distressing that something stupid/sexist/racist some young person said - has subsequently learned better and no longer thinks that way - may still be reaped up against them 10...15...20...25 years later. Are their things you said as a young person you now regret? Do you think you should be able to go back and delete them from sites? Do you find it plain wrong that social media means you can never forget what you said or be forgiven?


  5 months ago
Yes it is a shame


  5 months ago
Simple answer is...don't put anything on social media that can come back and haunt you later in life.


  5 months ago
Yes it is a shame. The downside of being very public.


  5 months ago
Social media is cruel in that nothing nice, beautiful or kind that a person has said online some 20 years ago will be talked about now. Only other stuff will be raked up. It's wrong and unnecessary in my view. People who do this are serving no purpose at all except wasting people's time may be.


  5 months ago
I think it really depend the impact/damage done. But we all should learn about forgiveness. We should forgive others for their stupid mistake that was done 10...15...20...25 years ago if one have acknowledged and apologized for that mistake. Things said in social media shouldn't be matter after 10... 20 years.Life move forward, not moving backward.


  5 months ago
Yep it is silly cause you say andf do stupid things when you are younger. I do not have social Media like face book I am afraid I may say something I cant take back. lol.

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