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  4 months ago

Jesus vs Joe Biden

If replying to this discussion, please leave your personal views on religion aside. It is not about what you believe in, or that people may believe in something you don't.

This discussion is about pressure. The use of persuasion or intimidation to make someone do something.

In this case, whether the American Catholic Church should bend the rules, to allow their doctorine-breaking President to attend a vital celebration of their church.

US President, Joe Biden has often described his spiritual need as a Catholic to attend Mass each week and receive Communion.

However, as he supports abortion and other things that do not align with his church's doctorine, he struggles to find churches to accommodate him, as he travels around the country.

Pressure is now being put on Catholic Bishops to 'find a solution' to 'the problem'.

A meeting is to be held, this week, that would include a discussion about “the meaning of the Eucharist" and a vote on whether to go further on the matter.

Many bishops and their churches are against this move, and the vote must get two-thirds of bishops to proceed.

If you or l belonged to a group and we wanted them to change the rules, so we didn't have to follow them, do you think the club would do it?

I doubt it.

But because it relates to the US President, who wants to go to this church service - but needs the rules changed, so he isn't breaking them, pressure is being applied.

Who should win here? The person Catholic's pray for, or the One they pray to?

Any thoughts?


(Eucharist refers to Holy Communion or the Body and Blood of Christ, which is consumed (wafers and wine) during the Catholic Mass or Eucharistic Celebration.)


  4 months ago
not joe biden


  4 months ago
No way Joe Biden tough you are a Catholic and those values are what the church believes in.Why should they change the rules just for you. Perhaps you should go to another church that has the same values as you.


  4 months ago
I don't like almost any organised religion, but the question here is, are Catholics supposed to follow their Bishops, or God. So far as I know, there is nothing in the bible stating abortion is wrong, (or many of the things the Catholic Church is against including homosexuality) so are people now trying to demand the bishops follow God, or their own version of religion? I would have thought that they should be following God.

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