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  1 month ago

Arthur Allan Thomas is on trial accused of historical sexual offending.

Do you think this is a pointer to guilt for the deaths he was changed with long ago? These charges - of historic sexual assault on two people - to my mind DO suggest he isn't the lily-white guy his defense have always claimed. It has been said that he was only ever changed with the murders because of planted evidence, and that's true. But there were IMO clear indications of guilt, just not enough evidence. They should have held off charging him but there was huge pressure on the police and one of them caved. I believe he committed the murders, and I'll be very interested to see if he is convicted of these sexual assault charges. What about you? Do you think he committed the original murders? Or do you think he was innocent then and will you be surprised if he is convicted on the sexual assault charges now? Or would you say one has nothing at all to do with the other?


  1 month ago
The trial started on the 14th, and is expected to end around the 25th of June. The details that have come out are a) the events were 'historical,' b) that he is changed with both rape and sexual assault and c) that there is more than one complainant. This does NOT suggest to me that it was a single event where there could be a misunderstanding. Reply


  1 month ago
Oh I think we have to be really careful here. These are charges brought against him he is innocent until proven guilty. I honestly dont believe he committed the murders. I also agrre with what Sawra has said too. Reply


  1 month ago
No Abe has nothing to do with the other and has not been found guilty yet so this is a terrible question! Reply


  1 month ago
I think there are two sides to this. What if he's being framed again by some others who just want him locked away in a prison? But the other side is just because he was judged innocent in murder cases, does not mean he didn't try to sexually assault someone. But even this will be hard to prove I guess because the offense is old and is difficult to prove. He may for you know get away scot-free this time too. But I hope his previous case in which he was acquitted does not have any effect on the jury in this case. Reply

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