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  12 months ago

Who is your favourite villain?

I've just finished watching the `modern' television series of `Lost In Space'.

If you ever saw the original series, where `Dr Smith' was a sniveling, cowardly man who did everything he could to benefit himself - even if it put everyone in danger - one knew he was a villain that everyone was meant to like. No matter what dastardly deed he did, he eventually saw the error of his ways and, yes, I would forgive him - until next time.

In the new, darker version of `Lost in Space' the villain, `Dr Smith' is a woman. And she's not a very nice person at all. There's nothing personable about her and even if she does do the right thing in the end, I still can't bring myself around to liking the character. (It's a good series though).

There's been some great villains, don't you think?

Some of my `favourites' are:

Black Jack Randall, 'Outlander' (I hated him with a passion!)

J.R. Ewing - `Dallas' (The best!)

Cancer Man - `X-Files' (Awful man that I loved to watch)

Odd Job - `Golden Eye' (But then, 007 faced so many good villains).

So, of all the television series and movies that you have seen - old and modern - who are the characters that you've loved to hate?

Who are the villains that you cheered on? Or booed? Or scared you witless?

Do tell..!


  12 months ago
Dr Smith, Lost in Space


  12 months ago
I always thought the guys from Kaos were pretty scary (hahaha) as they pitted their dastardly plots against Maxwell Smart & Agent 99 of Control!
If you really can't stand Jack Randall, have you read any of the "companion" Outlander tales which are specifically about him? (they all tie into the main books and give you a much wider perspective)


  12 months ago


  12 months ago
There are quite a few villain characters that I really hate in Bollywood movies. :)


  12 months ago
Lord Morgan from the post-apocalypse novel set in Australia, Coals & Ash.

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