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  19 months ago

Phone Scams

The scammers are back to work, unsurprisingly, but with a slightly different approach. Instead of someone with a thick accent they are now trying a pre-recorded message with what sounds like a computer generated voice. Not a high quality recording. Three times this week they have tried here, three time they were hung up on. The message said it was from "The Sparks network" (that is how they put it, extra s and all), and that they have tried to contact us and failed and they are going to cut off our landline and internet. I didn't listen to the rest because I hung up laughing at it their first attempt. Next two times after the sparks network claim, with some colourful language. No Spark customers here at all, let alone any "Sparks" ones.
Anyone else with a landline still that has encountered this approach from scammers?


  19 months ago
Yes they have tried that one on me too but was way before lockdown.I just leave my ph on answer machine now,that way I can choose who I want to speak to.


  19 months ago
Yes. My husband got a call from an 'investment' company asking him if he wanted to make money during these covid19 times!? He refused of course.


  19 months ago
All scamming ceased, when the coronavirus pandemic hit. It was heaven, until YESTERDAY.
They're back!!!!
A friend of mine is an international language teacher, and she is so funny, when scammers call her.
She can speak Hindi, Urdu, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and Thai.
When the scammers call her, she replies in what accent she thinks they might know. If she strikes it lucky, then she gets chatting to them, in that language.
Suddenly, she'll blurt out that she thinks she may know their mother. They go into shock!
Then she says how ashamed their mother will be, if she knew what they were doing to unsuspecting people. She then
gives them a long lecture about being dishonest. LOL


  19 months ago
Yes I have had this call once. Likewise we don't have Spark as our internet provider.


  19 months ago


  19 months ago
Nope, and anyhow I dumped Spark(s) 3 years ago because I was CONTINUALLY getting a string of scam calls and they just shrugged.

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