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News and policies to contain and fight the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak are changing every day, and have been escalating in the past two weeks in Australia, New Zealand, as well as Europe and the United States. Governments and citizens of Asian countries have been responding and preparing since early February, and between 21-23 February we surveyed each of our 14 communities in the Asia Pacific region to determine how people in the region have been affected by the outbreak.

As the infection rate has changed dramatically in Australia and New Zealand since this survey was conducted, it's likely that the results of these surveys are no longer accurate. However, we thought it would be interesting nonetheless to compare responses across all countries.

If you are interested in seeing the detailed results, we've compiled a booklet here:

Has your opinion and behaviour regarding the outbreak changed, in light of recent events such as travel bans, public gathering bans, self-isolation policies, school closures etc.?


  7 months ago
While the cases are on rise, we are not pressing panic button yet.... We have stocks to last for a month, and my husband and I are are working from home since beginning of last week.


  7 months ago
extra supplies in, and I am now considering one more shopping trip into town before maybe self-isolating for a month or two. The virus isn't in my rural area as yet - to my knowledge - but as my mum used to say, better safe than sorry.


  7 months ago
Yes. We have stacked some extra supplies - just in case of an emergency. We visited our GP and had a consultation with him and he briefed us about the virus and how and who can get easily affected and about the precautionary measures to be takes etc which put us at ease to an extent. I have frozen a week's worth of family meals in case of emergencies. I have also frozen chopped up veggies and fruits for later use. We were to go to India this April. But we have pushed it to sometime later in this year. My husband's office has asked its administrative staff to work from home. But the R & D and Production and Manufacturing units are still functioning as normal. But from next week that will be mostly closed too till April 15th. We've always been one of those hygiene conscious families who was into washing hands with soap and water every time we came home from outside. It is also normal for us to wash our feet when ever we come home from outside. So it was a not a new routine for us to adapt to.


  7 months ago
Common sense and take all self care precautions to avoid. covid-19


  7 months ago
No. All these bans and restrictions should've been put in place as soon as the outbreak was detected. The WHO were too slow to react, just ask the families of those who have died from it.


  7 months ago
I have increased my hand washing and so have others in my family but I haven't stopped going places like cafes,shops,malls etc at this stage because I don't see the need to if we all WASH our hands thoroughly after touching surfaces etc.Sensible hygiene and sensible thinking will help keep this virus at bay.If this virus does grow bigger in our community then I would probably stay home for a period of time because one,I have auto immune diseases which cause my immunity to be lower than a normal person and two,I would not want to spread this to my elderly mother as she has a serious heart condition,this would kill her.This is surely uncertain times but we will get through it people.


  7 months ago
I wrote my thoughts in a separate post, because the Toluna topic started with a hashtag, but just in case we were meant to write our reply, in this thread, l have re-written ot below:
When the Coronavirus reared its ugly head, I was horrified at the reports that were being shown on the news. But I decided that New Zealand was safe, tucked away, down under - far away from the countries, where the virus was striking. Naively, I thought it probably wouldn't effect us, here.
Then the first Coronavirus case was confirmed. Then the second, then the third .... and now there are eight, with a couple of `possible cases' still being processed.
I was shocked, when the number of `self-isolated' cases was announced, a week or so ago. We had been told about the confirmed cases, but not that 9000 people who were in quarantine. And this staggering number, has increased, significantly, since then.
The shock of just how close to home, the Coronavirus was, came when I received the news that a family member and their daughter were in self-isolation, because they had come down with sore throats, coughs, runny noses and sneezes. The help-line advised them to self-isolate for a fortnight. Four days in, and the symptoms are waning. It may just be a case of a very bad cold. That's what this family is praying for, anyway! It has been a shock, regardless.
Personally, I feel it seems to have taken the government a long time to close our borders. But then, the Coronavirus is something new and there is no hand-book for them to refer to. However, I am feeling reassured, now that large gatherings are being banned, and that everyone - kiwis and tourists, alike - are being made to self-isolate upon their arrival to our shores. Every little action helps.
I'll admit to feeling a bit anxious about this disease being in my country - especially places where I have family living - but I haven't been panicked. When I've done my shopping, I've added a couple of extra things in, each time, but I don't see any point in panic buying. I have vegetables growing in the garden; plenty to share with family and neighbours, and loads of food in my freezer.
The few face masks I own weren't purchased specifically. They are ones from my garden shed. I had thought about purchasing some more, but all of the shops are saying that face masks, bleach and Dettol can't be sourced at the moment. The result of panic buying and non-supply by manufacturers.
I am thankful, to my local supermarket though, who is providing free antibacterial lotion and wipes, throughout its store, for customers to use, while shopping. This is such a responsible move, and an action that will help stop the spread of the virus.
Thanks to a simple recipe I found online, I have made my own antibacterial liquid soap. Remembering to wash my hands after touching things has become second nature. No longer are there welcoming handshakes and hugs or kisses, but this won't be forever.
Working in retail, sees me and some of my family `on the front line', with having to deal with strangers each and every day. At first, I was a little apprehensive because no-one looks sick, in the beginning, with Coronavirus. But I have noticed that customers are avoiding touch as well. They no longer hand me their bank cards, but deal with transactions by themselves. Antibacterial lotion on the counter has seen most people use this, prior to them leaving the store, too. I ensure that I clean my work surface down and wash my hands, after serving each customer. These actions are those being hammered home to us, if we want to stay well. The lesson has been learnt.
The biggest fear, now, is that our country is going into a recession. This will hit many hard, as businesses close and people become unemployed. I have already had friends lose their jobs, because overseas companies are no longer supplying the companies they work for, or contracts have ceased coming through.
My Kiwisaver fund has been hit, and the bank says it may be hit again, depending on the financial market. But, in saying that, New Zealand is fortunate to have a welfare system, which will see the government give some form of assistance to those in need.
It is being said that the Coronavirus may be around for another six to 12 months. There will be unknown casualties, throughout the world. Every country will suffer, in varying degrees of severity. That's a reality. But, like after every other disaster the human race has faced, we will claw ourselves back up when it is all over. We will become stronger, wiser and more prepared for the next time.
Stay safe!


  7 months ago
We all need to practice sensible hygiene and social distancing in order to protect ourselves, but more importantly to protect the more vulnerable members of our society, and additionally to prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. It is likely according to the experts that the real case-load in NZ is already at least double what we know.


  7 months ago
No change, do wash my hands more often but that can never be a bad thing all the time for all of us. People need to be smart about hygiene and go about their normal activities. Thousands are getting through having had the virus. No need to spread fear but sadly media and other groups are not helping the cause.


  7 months ago
my opinion hasn't changed. I took reasonable precaution from the start. I'm a believer in belt AND braces. I did what I could in case. Nothing I won't use, nothing too inconvenient, but - better safe than sorry.
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