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  19 months ago

If you needed to self-isolate for months, what WOULD you stockpile?

In Australia as we now know, they're going to fight to get toilet paper. Is that your focus? Mine is soup and potatoes. In two days I'll be doing my fortnightly shopping trip, and have an increasing list - just in case. But to my mind, one of the best things is soup. I'll be getting favourites, bacon and potato, chicken, and seafood, and also buying a bag of potatoes that I can store in a cool spot. A bowl of soup with added slices of potato is filling, nourishing, and all you add is water. You can also toss in any other vegetable that's popped up. What would you like to have in the cupboard for emergencies. It'd need to be non-perishable, cheapish, and versatile. I'm buying soup packets, what about you?

  19 months ago
We have a garden of fresh green vegetables and summer fruit. Recently cleaned out my mother in law kitchen ( she died recently) pantry of tinned food. I enjoy a good read so plenty of crime novels and autobiography books and car magazines. Probably get a few diy projects finished.


  19 months ago
I've made ready-to-eat and heat-to-eat type of ready made mixes for Indian style recipes. I've made Naan and Roti and have frozen them for later use. So also with cooked rice, Dhaal and curries. Ive made extra quantity and frozen them. And my freezer is now filled with all that and with my frozen vegetables and chopped up fruits in zip sealed packs. Medicines are all bought in extra quantity and are stacked away in a cool dark place. Toilet rolls are also abundant in my storage box, along with our extra toiletries. I hope I have not left out anything.


  19 months ago
Having lived through the Canterbury earthquakes I have been more in the habit of keeping a stockpile of canned food (mostly various kinds of beans, and tomatoes). I shouldn't run out, but I am thinking of adding to it a bit just in case if I have to self isolate one day, so I still have plenty for emergencies. To help keep it from getting boring I also have some dried herbs and spices, and some hot sauces.
As for that Aussie obsession, toilet paper, there is plenty of it stocked up in my flat.


  19 months ago
We have our Tsunami supplies bag, which has quite a bit in it, but noted the wife stocked up on a few extra cans of soap, baked beans, we have quite a bit of floor which is important. I mentioned to the wife extra coffee we have plenty of tea. Need extra Weet Bix and canned fruit we seem to be a bit low. Havent bought extra toilet paper but we have plenty of it at work in commercial quantities if required.


  19 months ago
I am buying coffee first and foremost. Baked beans, lentils, dried soups,flour. But I am not stockpiling it has made me realise I should be prepared anyway for earthquakes or other emergencies.

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