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  22 months ago

Should men have the right to sign away parenthood if he so chooses to not be apart of the child's life?

First and foremost i do not condone nor do i support the notion, only merely bringing light to an opinion.

If a female has the right to terminate the life of an unborn child (within reason and legal limitations) without the consent or say of the biological father....

then why is there no moral statute stating that a biological father cannot walk away from the decision that biological mother makes to keep the child.

Long story short, Why when its the choice to keep the baby is it a woman's right and her body her decision but when it comes to keeping the child and raising it, it is a joint responsibility?

I genuinely just want to understand the point of view and the sharing of responsibility and duty.


  22 months ago
Hmmm controversial subject.
I believe the father should have the right if he wishes; for his child to be born for him to raise & the woman who does not want the child to terminate her rights after birth.
I hadn't thought about this before but In saying this, then I guess the man who wants no part should have the same right. To terminate his rights as parent.
This may change society. We may once again see the family unit and marriage emerging.
The woman having to be an incubator for 9 months or not being able to use abortion as a form of contraception may take better precautions or even abstain.
Men on the other hand may be back in the position of offering marriage and making a good go of it.
How statistics would change.
Two things to note here.
1. Many woman are using abortion as a form of contraception, some as many as 6 -8 abortions.
2. Many men are absolutely devastated at not being able to have a say at the survival of their child. One they would love and raise with or without the mother.


  22 months ago
Really I cannot believe this is even a question. Ask a child who does not know who their father is.


  22 months ago
If the woman wants that too then I think it's p to him. But if she wants him to take care o the child along with her by helping her financially then he should support her and not walk away.


  22 months ago


  22 months ago
It's simple. IF a couple make a decision together to have a child, they are responsible for it. If a woman is pregnant and doesn't want to be, she has a right to end it, a man who has taken precautions finds a woman is pregnant to him, I do think he has a right to walk away. However the problem in some cases is going to be a vicious case of he said, she said, and to that there is only the hope they signed some sort of agreement.


  22 months ago
I will probably get into trouble for this but I dont think a women should be able to terminate a pregnancy without the right or consent of the father. I guess there would be exceptions if she was raped or the father was violent.Same as I dont think a father should be able to walk away from his responsbilities of fatherhood. All I can think is the poor child they didnt ask to be born!

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