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  19 months ago

Overseas a woman was charged with being topless in her home in front of children.

Could that happen in NZ? For a woman it's mostly illegal in public but what about home? In this case, her stepchildren (9-13) walked in while she and her husband were doing DIY, both without upper clothing to save getting that filthy. The children's mother made a complaint of lewdness in front of children. The unfortunate woman pleaded guilty since if she was convicted it would have landed her on a sex-offender register and state laws there suggest she would have been convicted. But what about NZ? Just where do our laws stop? If you can be seen through a window is that 'public?' And if a father is showering when a child walks through an unlocked door, is that 'lewd conduct?' I'd have hastily donned a top as soon as I heard children entering my house, she chose not to, saying she felt it was against body positivity. Do you agree? And how far do you think laws on this should go HERE?

  19 months ago
Laws where? You don't state which country that this occurred. If this was in USA they have some strange state and federal laws.


  19 months ago
Charge them.
We have had a teen living with us for a few years whose family situation is 'dragged up not bought up', eventuating in suicide attempts.. Her younger sister who still lives at home texted mother to say ' is it okay to bring some friends home' . Was ok. Sitting in the lounge watching a movie with friends and mother walks out completely topless. Absolutely humiliating for the girl. Her friends were horrified and all left .


  19 months ago
This nonsense approach of 'body positivity' is nothing but insanity. Juts the other day my husband and I were in McDonald's on Stoddard road in the evening at about 5.30ish. After our coffee was done, we were leaving and then suddenly we saw a young woman who was trying to order through the self ordering machine fully topless! I nearly died seeing her like that. There were families with children and she did not bother to cover up! I wonder if she was high on drugs or something like that. Because sane people in their right mind wouldn't ever do that. And I was also surprised that the staff there didn't bother to tell her anything at all. Is it illegal to say something? Isn't it illegal to go topless in public places here in NZ? Now when I read this story that you have mentioned I don't know what to say. This woman regardless of what she pleads, must be put behind bars and declared a sex-offender...and so should the man for not being sensitive or sensible to stop her from being like that. I can imagine what the mother of the children must have thought about it all. Here in NZ too the laws must become stricter. Way stricter.


  19 months ago
I think morally it was wrong of her because they were her step children and at an impressionable age too,she should not of gone topless.Why did she just not put on an old tee shirt like any normal person? I think there is more to this story.


  19 months ago
I think she should have covered up. These were her step children too. However perhaps the whole family are nudists. Sorry farside1 but its quite funny really.


  19 months ago
Not exactly an answer to your question but, I would question the situation - DIY topless to save getting their clothes dirty !?? If really for that reason then why not naked ? Why go half-assed when you could go The Full Monty ? Is DIY in this case a euphemism for something a little more adult happening ? Personally when doing any DIY you really want something in the way of flying paint, dust, wood chips, plaster, sparks, blades, & tools etc. If is a lot easier to wash clothes or repair them than to try getting foreign matter out of those hard to reach places, or applying plasters & antiseptic when you are finished. Do we now need to include the safety instruction to, Wear Clothing, along with the normal safety protection for eyes & ears ? Don't people usually just wear old clothes when doing DIY type work ? The situation sounds all a bit dodgy to me. Most people with children know you have to be a bit more careful with the things you do, rather than when no children are in the house. I don't mean to make light of the situation but something here seems off to me.

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